10:10. Removal and installation of the activator of brakes

Components of installation and assembly of the activator

1 — the Broad tank of OZh
2 — Assembly of the activator
3 — GUR Tube
4 — the Activator

5 — the Holder
6 — Laying
7 — Loker of the right forward wheel arch
8 — the Arm of fastening of the activator


  1. Remove the right forward wheel and a loker of his arch.
  2. Turn out a bolt of fastening of the holder of a tube of GUR.
  3. Shift a broad tank of OZh forward and remove it to the holder.
  4. Separate the 4th socket and disconnect hoses from the activator of brakes.
  5. Disconnect from assembly of the activator of brakes of 6 brake tubes.
  6. Turn out two bolts and a nut and remove assembly of the activator.
  7. Turn out two nuts and remove the activator from an arm.
  8. Remove from the activator two holders and three laying.
  9. Installation is made upside-down.
  10. After installation fill the GTTs tank with brake fluid and pump over the brake system (see the Section Replacement of Brake Fluid, pumping of the brake system).