12.1.5. Removal, installation, dismantling and assembly of a back door and its components

Below the left door is considered; removal and installation of the right door is made similarly.

Components of a back door

1 — Consolidation of the fixed glass
2 — the Guide flew down
3 — the Fixed glass of a back door
4 — Glass
5 — the Molding
6 — the External handle
7 — the Lock
8 — a lock Casing
9 — the Dividing level
10 — the Window regulator
11 — Consolidation of a door

12 — Pillows
13 — the Loop
14 — the Limiter
15 — the Control unit of a back door
16 — the Cover of a service opening
17 — the Internal lever of unlocking of the lock
18 — Internal consolidation
19 — the Loudspeaker
20 — the Internal panel of finishing of a door
21 — the Edging of the internal lever of unlocking of the lock
22 — the window regulator Switch


  1. Remove a cap, turn out the screw and shoot the edging of the internal lever of unlocking of the lock of a back door by means of the screw-driver.
  2. Wring out clamps and remove the control panel of a window regulator.
  1. Remove caps of screws, turn out screws and remove clamps.
  1. Insert the screw-driver between a door and its finishing and wring out the finishing panel.
  2. Remove the panel of finishing of a door together with consolidation. Replace its clamps and remove consolidation.
  3. Separate two sockets, release a control unit electrical wiring from the holder, turn out two screws and remove the control unit of a back door.
  4. Separate the socket, turn out 3 bolts and remove the loudspeaker.
  5. Turn out the screw of fastening of the lever of unlocking of the lock, disconnect two cables from the lever and remove the lever.
  6. Remove two plugs and a cover of a service opening.
  7. Remove consolidation.
  8. Lower glass so that in a service opening bolts of its fastening were visible. Give nuts, extract glass from holders and lower it in a door.

Previously lay rags in a door not to scratch glass. Arrange glass as it is possible closer to a door pered.

  1. Turn out two bolts and the screw of fastening of a dividing level and shift it forward.
  2. Turn a level on a quarter of a turn and take out it from a window opening of a door up.
  3. Remove the fixed glass, having pulled for its top corner forward and down. Separate consolidation from glass.
  4. Accurately take out from a door glass up.
  5. Separate the socket, turn out 4 bolts and remove a window regulator through a service opening.

Surely separate the socket to exclude a possibility of operation of a window regulator and getting injured.

  1. Uncover the lever of blocking of the lock, turn out 4 bolts, separate 2 sockets and remove the lock.
  2. Turn out 2 screws and remove a lock casing.
  3. Turn out two bolts and remove the external handle of a door.
  1. Remove a molding.
  1. Remove basic pillows.
  1. Give fixture of loops and the limiter of a door and remove it, previously having removed the panel of facing of the central rack of a body. For this purpose remove overlays of thresholds of forward and back doors then release from clamps and remove the panel of facing of the central rack of a body.
  1. At installation of a door, especially new, it is necessary to adjust its situation, working similar to a case of adjustment of provision of a forward door. Efforts of tightening of bolts are specified in Specifications of the Head Kuzov.
  2. Installation is made upside-down. Tighten fixture with the required efforts, use new clamps.