12.1.9. Removal and installation of a spoiler

Components of installation of a spoiler

1 — the Spoiler
2 — Side protection
3 — the Sealing plug


  1. Remove two sealing plugs and two bolts.
  2. Paste over a body around a spoiler with protective paper and heat a spoiler to temperature of 40 ÷ the 60th hail.
  1. By means of the string which is reeled up on two whetstones cut the gluing layer of fastening of a spoiler.

Do not damage a body.

  1. Disconnect a spoiler from clamps.
  2. Heat a body in the place of fastening of a spoiler to it to temperature of 40 ÷ the 60th hail. also clear a body of the glue remains.
  3. At reuse of a spoiler heat it to temperature of 20 ÷ the 30th hail. also clear of the glue remains.
  4. Establish new elements of side protection on a spoiler.
  5. Establish a spoiler, plugs and tighten fixing bolts.