5. Cooling systems of the engine, heating, ventilation and air conditioning


Engine cooling system

Temperature of opening of the thermostat, hail. 80 ÷ 84
Thermostat valve shift at a temperature of 95 a hail., mm not less than 10
Temperature of full closing of the thermostat, hail. 40
Pressure of opening of the safety valve of a cover of a radiator, atm
  • Standard
0.9 ÷ 1.2
  • The minimum admissible
Pressure withheld by a radiator cover, atm 1.2
Temperature of turning on of fans of the cooling system, hail 98
Current at turning on of fans from the battery at a temperature of 20 a hail., And 8.5 ÷ 11.5

Systems of heating, ventilation and air conditioning

Pressure of coolant, atm
  • Contour of low pressure
1.5 ÷2.5
  • Contour of high pressure
13.6 ÷ 15.5
Amount of coolant, гр. 650 + 50
Tension of the K/V driving compressor belt see Specifications to the Head Nastroyki and routine maintenance of the car
The volume of refrigerator oil in the evaporator, cm 3 40
Type of refrigerator oil ND-OIL 8
Resistance of the sensor of blocking of the K/V compressor at a temperature of 20 a hail., Ohm. 65 ÷125
Side play of the K/V magnetic coupling, mm 0.5 + 0.15

Efforts of tightening of threaded connections, Nanometer

Fixture of the water pump 8
Nuts of fastening of a reception branch pipe 8
Bolt of fastening of the giving OZh tube to a head of cylinders 19.5
Bolts of fastening of the top support of a radiator 12.8
Bolts of fastening of assembly of fans to a radiator 5
Oil cooler fixture to a radiator 8.3
Fixture of the giving radiator tube to a radiator 14.7
Fixture of refrigerator lines
  • Everything, except connection of the soaking-up tube with a hose
  • Connection of the soaking-up tube with a hose
Bolts of fastening of tubes to the broad valve and the evaporator 4.1
Bolts of fastening of the K/V compressor 25
Fixture of an arm of an adjusting level of a belt of the drive of the generator and K/V compressor
  • Bolt A
  • Nut and bolt In
Drain traffic jams of the cooling system
  • Stopper on a side cover of the block of cylinders of models 2WD
  • Other traffic jams
Fixture of a press plate to the compressor 13.2
Assembly fixture э / motor and drafts of screen wipers see the Body
Bolts of fastening of assembly of a safety cushion of the forward passenger 20