6.1.10. Removal and installation of components of the ACIS system

ACIS system components

1 — the ACIS Valve
2 — the Vacuum hose of the ACIS activator
3 — Laying

4 — a weight Cable
5 — the grounding Tire


  1. Disconnect a vacuum hose from the activator and separate No. 1 DLC socket.
  2. Give 4 nuts and remove No. 1 DLC socket from its arm. Disconnect a cable of weight and the tire of grounding from the ACIS valve.
  3. Hook the ACIS valve the screw-driver and remove it from the air distributor together with laying.
  1. At installation oil rubber parts motive and apply pro-masonry material (No. 08826-0008 according to the Toyota/Lexus catalog) on the specified sites of the valve. Use new laying. Tighten nuts with effort of 14.5 Nanometers.