6.1.6. Removal and installation of fuel distributive highways and injectors

Do not drop injectors and do not subject them to loadings and deformations since at the same time it is possible to damage injectors.

Assembly of fuel distributive highways and injectors

1 — the Tube and hoses of admixture of air
2 — the Clamp of connection of a fuel hose
3 — the Fuel distributive highway
4 — the injector Socket

5 — Laying
6 — the Sealing ring
7 — Prostavka
8 — the Injector


  1. Remove an air cleaner sleeve.
  2. Remove assembly of the air distributor (see the Section Replacement, dismantling and assembly of the K/V block).
  3. Separate sockets of an electrical wiring of injectors.
  4. Disconnect a tube of admixture of air from a bracket No. 1 of a fuel tube then disconnect hoses of admixture of air from the inlet pipeline.
  5. Disconnect a toplivopodayushchy tube from the fuel filter.
  6. Turn out 5 bolts and remove fuel distributive highways together with injectors and a fuel tube.
  7. Take 4 pro-rates from the fuel distributive highway.
  8. Extend injectors from fuel distributive highways.
  9. Remove two sealing rings and two laying from each injector.
  10. Check injectors (see the Section of Check of system of injection).
  11. Installation is made as it should be, the return to an order of dismantle of components. Use new sealing rings and laying, tighten fixture with the required efforts.
  12. After installation make sure of lack of leak of fuel.