6.1.8. Removal and installation of the air cleaner


  1. Separate the MAF sensor electrical wiring socket, turn out two screws and remove the MAF sensor together with laying from an air cleaner cover.
  1. Disconnect EVAP hose from EVAP tube, and also PCV hose from a cover of the left number of cylinders.
  1. Wring out two clamps of a cover of the air cleaner and remove it from the air cleaner case.
  1. Wring out two clamps and disconnect an air cleaner hose from the throttle case.
  2. Release a torso of the drive of a butterfly valve from a clip.
  3. Uncover the air cleaner together with a hose.
  4. Pull out the filtering element.
  5. Turn out three bolts and remove the air cleaner case.
  6. Wipe the air cleaner case pure rags.
  7. Install the new filtering element in the case, close a cover and fix it by clamps.
  8. Join all diconnected connections.