6.1.9. Removal, installation and adjustment of the case of a throttle and TPS sensor

Removal and installation

Components of installation of the case of a throttle

1 — Laying
2 — the throttle Case
3 — Perepuskna a cooling system hose
4 — the Cable of the drive of a butterfly valve

5 — an air cleaner Hose
6 — the Vacuum hose
7 — the Air hose
8 — the Smoothing receiver

Components of assembly of the case of a throttle

1 — throttle case Section No. 3
2 — the Protective plate
3 — the Sealing ring
4 — the TPS Sensor

5 — throttle case Section No. 1
6 — Laying
7 — throttle case Section No. 2
8 — the IAC Valve


  1. Empty the engine cooling system (see the Section Replacement of the Cooling Liquid (CL)).
  2. Disconnect a cable of the drive of a butterfly valve and remove an air cleaner hose (see the Section Removal and installation of the air cleaner).
  3. Separate sockets of an electrical wiring of the TPS sensor and a lapan of IAC.
  4. Disconnect perepuskny hoses of the cooling system of the engine, an air admixture hose, two hoses of giving of fuel evaporations and a vacuum hose from the throttle case.
  5. Give 3 nuts and remove the throttle case together with laying.
  6. At installation use new laying between the case of a throttle and the air distributor. Tighten fixture with the required efforts.
  7. At installation of the TPS sensor at first apply it to the throttle case, having turned on a corner 30÷60 a hail. clockwise, and then fix the sensor, having turned it against an hour hand.



  1. Giving a lock-nut and the adjusting screw on the party of opening, expose a gap between a screw head and the lever of a throttle on the party No. 1 (see illustrations).
  2. Gradually tightening the screw, bring it into situation in which it begins to concern the lever.

Do not draw the screw. Then turn out the screw on a quarter of a turn. Also record it in this situation a lock-nut.

  1. Repeat the described adjustment for the screw on the party of opening.

The adjusting screw from the provision of contacts with the lever should be tightened on 1/2÷3/4 of a turn.

  1. In conclusion check the throttle case (see the Section of Check of system of injection).