8.8. Removal and AT installation

Components of the AT (U140F) installation

1 — the Plait and sockets of an electrical wiring
2 — a weight Cable
3 — the Right support
4 — the Right rack of an exhaust pipe
5 — Transmission

6 — an opening Stopper for measurement of pressure in the AT lines
7 — the Starter
8 — the Left rack of an exhaust pipe
9 — the Lower cover of a driving disk


  1. Remove the power unit from the car (see the Section Removal and installation of the engine, check of support).
  2. Remove a starter (see the Section Removal and installation of a starter).
  3. Turn out bolts and nuts and remove the left and right racks of an exhaust pipe.
  4. Turn out 5 bolts and remove the right support.
  5. Turn out 2 bolts the lower cover of a driving disk.
  6. Turning a bent shaft, turn out bolts of fastening of the coupling of the hydrotransformer.
  1. Turn out three lower bolts of fastening of AT.
  1. Turn out bolts of fastening of cables of weight to AT and disconnect these cables.
  2. Disconnect the following sockets from AT:
    • D/V socket of the P / N mode;
    • Electrical wiring socket Ý/m valve;
    • Socket of the sensor of entrance turns of the hydrotransformer;
    • Socket of the sensor of speed of an auxiliary gear wheel.
  3. Release an electrical wiring plait from holders.
  4. Turn out 5 top bolts of fastening of AT and disconnect a weight cable.
  5. Remove AT.
  6. Installation is made upside-down. Tighten fixture with the required effort.
  7. After installation adjust the drive of gear shifting and D/V of the P / N modes. Fill AT with ATF liquid, check its level. Make a trial trip on the car.