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Lexus RX 300

The Lexus RX — the midsize crossover released by the Japanese company Toyota since 1997. In North America, Europe, Oceania and some countries of Asia the car is on sale under the name of Lexus which is division of Toyota.

In the market of luxury Lexus RX 300 SUVs appeared rather recently. In February, 1997 at a motor show in Chicago showed a concept of SLV (Sport Luxury Vehicle), in March appropriated it "name" - for a line of production Lexus (in the homeland the car is called Toyota Harrier). Started serial release in 1998. The car is constructed on a platform of the Lexus ES 300 sedan belonging let to the lower, but luxury class. The power unit - 3 l the 24-valvate 220-strong V6 motor plus an automatic 4-staged box. Brakes are disk, forward – ventilated. Seats of the first row have eight adjustments, and also side support. The driver's seat moves on 17 mm. There is Sport complete set with black salon and inserts on the console under aluminum. The engine has the adjusted inlet and final paths and - for the first time on the SUV - the gas distribution phases changed depending on loading. Quite difficult, but without these technical solutions the motor would be weak for such car (1676 kg in front-wheel option, and almost two tons with the four-wheel drive). In spite of the fact that the car left after the German competitor of Mercedes M-class, RX 300 not bad was on sale. In the USA for December, 1998 made about 48.000 cars.